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(Greek: deceit, fraud; deceitful, deceptive, illusory, wily)
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wily (adjective); wilier, more wily; wiliest, most wily
1. A reference to a person who uses subtle tricks to deceive others by being crafty, cunning, or sly: When George was on vacation, his house was broken into by a wily thief.
2. Descriptive of someone who is skilled at gaining an advantage over others; especially, in a deceitful way: Shirley was told that the jewelry salesman was a wily person and not to be trusted; which was a good thing that she was warned because he was planning to sell her a fake diamond necklace.
3. Etymology: from Old English, wil, "stratagem, trick, sly action."
Relating to being cunning or crafty.
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Resembling being sly or calculating a plan to accomplish an objective.
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