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who's, whose
who's (HOOZ) (pronoun/verb)
A contraction of who is or who has: "Who's [who is] in charge of this business?"

"Cindy is a student who's [who has] always been interested in learning more words."

whose (HOOZ) (pronoun)
1. Used in questions to ask who owns something, has something, etc.: "Whose suitcase is this?"

"I wonder whose story was chosen in the literary contest?"

2. Used to show which person or thing a person is talking about: "The literary prize will go to the writer whose story shows the most imagination."
3. Applied to give more information about a person or thing that has already been mentioned: "Ralph's friend, whose brother is an author, had many suggestions as to how he can get his book published."

Who's going to ask the audience about the gloves that were found on the table in the foyer? It is important to know whose they are so the gloves can be returned to the owner.