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hoop, whoop, whoop
hoop (HOOP) (noun)
1. A ring or band of stiff material; such as, wood, used to hold pieces of an object together: The cooper used willow withes to create the hoop to hold the staves of the barrel in place.
2. A ring of metal, wood or plastic used as a toy: The children rolled the hoop down the street.

The girl next door won the hula hoop competition last week.

whoop (HWOOP, WOOP, HOOP) (noun)
A loud expression of enthusiasm: The crowd issued a whoop of delight when their favorite runner crossed the finish line.
whoop (HWOOP, WOOP, HOOP) (verb)
To shout loudly in an enthusiastic or excited way: You could hear the children whoop with excitement when they saw the presents.

During the fund raising race, there was a loud whoop of excitement when the hospital president rolled a bright pink plastic hoop across the finish line.