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hole, holistic, whole
hole (HOHL) (noun)
1. An opening into or through something: Edgar fixed the hole in the roof while his wife fixed the hole in his sock.
2. A situation in which someone, or something, is gone or missing: When Mildred's daughter went to college, it left a big hole in the lives of their parents; in other words, they missed their daughter very much.
holistic (hoh LIS tik) (adjective)
Relating to or concerned with complete, or whole, systems rather than with individual parts: Marge and Danny say school officials need to take a more holistic approach to improving their schools.

Holistic medicine attempts to treat both the whole mind and body.

whole (HOHL) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of something which is full or complete: The whole day, from morning until evening, was spent trying to find a job.
2. Complete or full; not lacking or leaving out any part: The community center offers a whole range of programs.

The whole hole must be considered when using holistic analysis.

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(Greek: whole, entire, complete)
(Latin: whole, complete)
(Greek: said to be a stem for "all, every, whole", or "complete"; that is, a field of study in biology that refers to the whole set of omics including their -omics and -ome subfields in order to understand life as a holistic existence and organic beings as a whole)
(Latin: healthy, whole; by extension: cure, heal, take care of; sound in mind and body)
(Latin: sound; pure, clean, whole, genuine, untainted)
(Latin: whole; hence, "firm, sound")
(Latin: all, whole, entire)
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whole number
A number which doesn't contain a fraction.

A whole number is an integer which has one or more units and can be positive or negative.

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