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whoa (s); woe (s), woes (pl)
whoa (HWOH, WOH) (exclamations)
1. Used to command a horse to stop moving: "Harry yelled, 'Whoa, Debbie! I need to get down!' "

"People could hear the wagon driver yelling whoa to his horses because they were running in a panic as they pulled the four-wheeler across the field."

2. Used to tell someone to slow down or stop and think about something: "Whoa, Cheryl. Now which way should we continue?"
3. Used to show that someone is surprised or impressed: "Whoa, that is really a neat cell phone!"
woe, woes (WOH; WOHZ) (nouns)
1. A feeling of great pain or sadness: "The mother listened to her child's tale of woe, or sad story."
2. Problems or troubles: "Susan's financial woes are well known at the bank."
3. Used as a warning that there will be trouble if someone does something specified [old-fashioned]: "Woe to any student who comes late to that language lesson because he or she will really be in trouble."

Sam, all of my woes will be over if you will only whoa a minute and tell me what you want for your birthday. Woe is me if I give you something you don't like.