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(Latin: white; pale)
(Latin: to glow, to glow with heat; to burn; to glitter, to shine; white)
(Greek: leukos, white; the primary meaning now is the color "white"; but it also includes the meanings of "light, clear, bright")
(Greek: barly, pearl barley, groats; originally, "white grain")
(Greek: pus; purulent, an infection or foreign material that causes a thick whitish-yellow fluid which results from the accumulation of white blood cells)
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combustible shale (noun), tasmanite, Mersey yellow coal, white coal, yellow coal
An impure coal which indicates a transitional level between cannel coal (an oily compact coal, with a greasy luster, which burns easily, steadily, and brightly) and oil shale.
olfactory white
The nasal equivalent of white noise which is a mixture of many different sound frequencies: "Olfactory white is a blend of many different smelly compounds>"

"Olfactory white also has a distinct smell, caused not by specific compounds but by the mixtures of compounds which are all of equal intensity and they consist of a full range of human smells."

"What does olfactory white smell like? The scent is so mild that it is too difficult to describe. People indicated that it contains qualities of being fit to eat both and pleasantness."

quercus, white oak bark
The dried inner bark of Quercus alba, white oak.

It contains tannic acid, pectin, and resin, and it is used as an astringent.

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ramus communicans, white ramus communicans, gray ramus communicans
One of the primary branches of a spinal nerve that connects with a sympathetic ganglion (a structure that contains a dense cluster of nerve cells).

Each one consists of a white portion (white ramus communicans) composed of myelinated pregangionic sympathetic fibers and a gray portion (gray ramus communicans) composed of unmyelinated postganglionic fibers.

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white dermography
A white line on the skin, apparently caused either by small blood vessel constrictions or by edema (a buildup of excess serous fluid between tissue cells).
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The 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin, an African-American, was very excited to meet the Obamas in the White House and she was dancing with joy.

Ms. McLaurin was invited as part of a Black History Month celebration. “I thought I would never live to get into the White House and I tell you I am so happy to have a black president,” she said to the smiling Barack Obama and the first lady, Michelle Obama.

Click on this link: to see the video posted by the White House as Virginia McLaurin opens her arms wide and greets Obama with an excited "Hi!".

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White as snow (Daniel 7:9)
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white dwarf, white dwarfs
1. A dense, small low-luminosity star of mass less than the Chandrasekhar limit (1.4 solar masses) left as the remnant of a supernova explosion.
2. A type of star that has collapsed after exhausting its nuclear fuel.

Leftover heat causes it to shine faintly.

A star may remain a giant or supergiant for several million years before all nuclear reactions cease.

Gravitational collapse then occurs with no outward pressure to stop it, and the final result may be a white dwarf.

Such a star is small, about the same size as the earth, but has about one million times the density of water and the temperature at the surface is a hundred thousand degrees, yet the luminosity is quite low; about one-thousandth of the sun.

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