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whirl, whirl, whorl
whirl (HWURL, WURL) (verb)
1. To move or to go in a circle or curve, especially with force or speed: "The electric cars would whirl around in the toy track."
2. To turn rapidly in circles: "This new washing machine can whirl clothes at a terrific speed!"
whirl (HWURL, WURL) (noun)
Something that is turning quickly in circles: "A whirl of dust was caught in the draft coming in from outside."
whorl (HWORL, WORL) (noun)
1. Something that turns or goes around in a circle: "There was a whorl of water going down the drain in the bathtub."
2. A pattern that is made by a series of circles that turn around a central point: "The whorl of the suspect's finger print identified him as the criminal."

The social season seemed to whirl past the family like a gay and lively whorl.

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(Latin: uproar, commotion, disorderly, agitated, confusion; whirl, whirlwind)