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way, weigh, whey
way (WAY) (noun)
1. How someone or something does something, or behaves, appears, feels, etc.: "The editor told the reporter that this is the way you should write it."
2. The series of roads, paths, etc., that can be used to go from one place to another: "What is the shortest way to the grocery store?"
weigh (WAY) (verb)
To find how heavy someone or something is by measuring the weight of anyone or anything: "Sylvia wants to weigh herself every week because she wants to see if she is losing or gaining weight."
whey (HWAY, WAY) (noun)
The watery part of milk that forms after the milk becomes thick and sour: "During the process of making cheese the curd must be separated from the whey."

Lois asked the clerk to weigh the pail of whey quickly so she can be on her way home.

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(Greek: whey, serum)
(Latin: serum, whey; watery substance; serum, in connection with serum)