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wet, wet, whet
wet (WET) (adjective)
1. Covered or soaked with water or another liquid; not dry: "Carol just washed her hair so it is quite wet."
2. Having a lot of rain: "It has been a cold, windy, and wet morning."
wet (WET) (verb)
To cover with liquid, to urinate: "The baby wet his diaper and so he needed to be changed."
whet (HWET, WET) (verb)
To make something; such as, a person's appetite or curiosity sharper or stronger: "Rick, did you know that you whet Paula's curiosity as you got closer to the climax of the story?"

"The butcher started to whet his knife in order to cut the fresh meat."

The hot weather will whet Edna's thirst for a cool, wet drink.