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wheal, wheel, wheel
wheal (HWEEL, WEEL) (noun)
A ridge or mark raised on the skin by or as if by a stroke of a whip: "Lucy could see that the poor horse had suffered too much by the wheal that was inflicted on it by its dreadful owner."
wheel (HWEEL, WEEL) (noun)
One of the round parts underneath a car, wagon, etc., that rolls and allows something to move: "James couldn't go by bike to the store because the front wheel of his bicycle had to be repaired."
wheel (HWEEL, WEEL) (verb)
To move someone or something on a vehicle that moves by means of rolling: "The medical attendant had to wheel the patient into the operating room using a gurney."

The nurse started to wheel the patient with an ugly wheal on her arm into the examination room.