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wax, wax, whacks
wax (WAKS) (verb)
1. To put a thin layer of a protective, waterproof substance on a surface: "Ryan wants to wax his car at least once every month."
2. To increase in amount, size, etc.: "Interest in the story seems to wax and wane depending on the news that comes afterward."
3. To talk or write about something in a way that shows that a person is experiencing a specified mood or feeling: "Jerry likes to wax lyrical about a new product being developed which he calls Formula One concrete."
wax (WAKS) (noun)
A hard substance that becomes soft when it is heated and which is used to make various products; such as, candles, crayons, or polish: "After Joshua washes his car, he can use car wax to protect it and make it shine!"
whacks (HWAKS, WAKS) (verb)
1. To strike (someone or something) with sharp resounding blows or with great force: "Shawn whacks through the jungle growth with his machete everyday."
2. An act of hitting someone or something with great force: "Dale whacks the ball around whenever he has a chance."

The sports reporter seemed to wax enthusiastically about the baseball player who was famous for the powerful whacks he could take at the ball during games.