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weld, weld, welled
weld (WELD) (verb)
1. To join pieces of metal together by heating the edges until they begin to melt and then pressing them together: "Alvin had to weld the metal parts in order to repair the car."
2. To join or bring people or things close together: "Do those folks want to weld their friendship that close together after all that has happened?"
weld (WELD) (noun)
A plant, Reseda luteola, which is used to produce a yellow dye: "The farmer grew weld in his field to sell to the weavers in the village."
welled (WELD) (verb)
1. Raised to the surface, made ready to flow: "Tears welled in Sherry's eyes at the funeral of her son."
2. Raised or surged from an inner source: "Anger welled up in Jacob when he heard about the increases of the costs he would have to pay for the completion of his house."

The generosity that spontaneously welled out of the community when faced with adversity served to weld the town folks even closer together.

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meld: melt + weld
1. To cause things to combine or blend and become one thing or substance, or be combined or blended in this way.
2. A blend of melt and weld.
  • Melt: To change a substance from a solid to a liquid state by heating it or to dissolve something; such as, sugar in a liquid; or to be dissolved in a liquid.
  • Weld: To join pieces or parts of some material together by heating them and hammering or using other pressure to make them fuse together.
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