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weather, weather, whether
weather (WETH uhr) (noun)
The state of the air and atmosphere at a particular time and place: "Todd listened to the weather forecast this morning on the radio."
weather (WETH uhr) (verb)
To damage or change something due to exposure to natural elements: "The fence posts will weather to a gray color in a year or two."
whether (HWETH uhr, WETH uhr) (conjunction)
1. An indication if something is or was true: "Did Peggy ask them whether they would be staying home tonight?"
2. Used to indicate choices or possibilities: "It doesn't matter whether Bonnie pays for the books with Dollars or Euros in this store."
When Sally spelled weather "wethir",
The teacher said, "Ah, my dear,
That's just about the worst spell of weather
We've had around here for years."

Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.

—Ken Hubbard

Whether you know it or not, weathermen are never wrong. It's the weather that's wrong.

—E. C. McKinzie
(Greek: kheima, winter, frost, winter weather, winter-flowing; by extension, cold, freezing)
(Greek: inclination, slope; the [supposed] slope of the earth from the equator towards the poles; hence, the latitudinal zone of the earth and prevailing weather in a given zone)
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active weather
From a Canadian contributor.
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extreme weather event (s) (noun), extreme weather events (pl)
A classification for a weather event that is very different from the "normal" range of weather that is experienced in a given geographical location: Some examples of extreme weather events include a flood, a drought, a tornado, a blizzard, an ice storm, a heat wave, a cold spell, etc.
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weather front
The boundary between two air masses of different temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

As one air mass pushes under, or over, the other, a change in the weather takes place; often high winds, storms and wind shifts.

The location and movement of such boundaries are reported on weather maps.

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1. To hold up; to bear; "The ship weathered the storm."
2. To wear away; "The rocks are weathered away by the tide waters."
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Short-term changes in temperature, humidity, rainfall, and barometric pressure in the atmosphere.

It is usually in reference to local atmospheric changes or conditions.

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weather (s) (noun), weathers (pl)
1. The condition of the atmosphere with regard to temperature, cloudiness, rainfall, wind, and other meteorological conditions: Today the weather was stormy and wet.
2. The short-term state of the atmosphere, as distinguished from the long-term conditions of "climate"; this includes temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, visibility, and other factors, chiefly considered in terms of their effects on organic life and human activity: Joe listened to the report about the weather before leaving home to go to work.
3. Specific localized atmospheric situations at a given time; such as, rain or snow: The different weathers in this country vary from very dry to excessively wet or flooding.
4. Etymology: from Middle English weder, wether; from Old English weder, "weather, storm, wind".
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weather (verb), weathers; weathered; weathering
1. To change a color, etc., because of the effects of the sun, wind, rain, etc. that develops over a long period of time: The surface of the porch was weathering for a long time.
2. To deal with or to experience something dangerous or unpleasant without being damaged or harmed very much: The couple had to weather some difficult adjustments during the beginning of their marriage.

The travelers weathered some very stormy days when they were hiking in the mountains.

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(topics about the study of the complex motions and interactions of the atmosphere, including the observation of phenomena; such as, temperature, density, winds, clouds, and precipitation)
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Meteorology or Weather Terms
Weather, Nature in Motion by Anne H. Oman; National Geographic; Washington, D.C.; 2005.
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Meteorology or Weather Terms

Topics about meteorology which plays an important part of everyone's life on a global scale.

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