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wealth, wealth
wealth (WELTH) (noun)
1. A large amount of money and possessions: "Norma came from a family that had acquired great wealth in money and commercial property."
2. The value of all the property, possessions, and money that someone has: "Marvin's personal wealth is estimated to be in the billions."
wealth (WELTH) (noun)
A significant amount or number of something besides money, property, or other possessions: "All of us should be very happy about the wealth of information that the internet has to offer via our computers."

"There is a wealth of doubt that Barry can achieve his objectives."

The wealth of a community is not measured just by the individual wealth of the home owners, but it is also based on the wealth of community spirit that is manifested throughout the year.

Wealth: Plutus
Greek: Plutus (god)
Latin: (no equivalent god)
This entry is located in the following unit: gods and goddesses from Greek and Latin Myths (page 3)
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(Latin: wealth, wealthy, rich; gain, profit, money; avarice)
(Latin: wealth, wealthy, rich [power, might; abundance, plenty])
(Greek: wealth, wealthy, rich)
(Greek: acquisition of wealth by making money; transacting business to gain wealth; efforts made to possess goods and money; striving to be rich)
(Pluto, Roman god of wealth, ruled the dark underworld of myth; ninth planet from the sun)