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weak (WEEK) (adjective)
1. Having little physical power or ability, not strong: "After being sick and in bed for two weeks, Diana was very weak and couldn't go to work."
2. Lacking enough or the usual amount of an important ingredient: "The tea Sam made is quite weak."
week (WEEK) (noun)
1. A period of seven days: "The week in the U.S. usually starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday and in Britain, Germany, and several other countries, it usually begins on Monday and ends on Sunday."

"Renting the car by the week over a long period can cost a lot of money."

Weak is what a man is when a pretty girl is telling him how strong he is.

—Evan Esar

Andrea has been ill for a week and she still feels very weak.

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(Greek: thin, slight, weak; small space)
(Latin: flabby, limp, weak, drooping)
(Greek: decayed, rotten; unsound, weak; humus)
(Latin: very weak, little, very small)
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The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41)
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