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weave, weave, we’ve
weave (WEEV) (verb)
1. To make something; such as, cloth by crossing threads or other long pieces of material over and under each other: "Wanda loved to weave brightly colored cloth on her loom."
2. To move from side to side while going forward; especially, in order to avoid the people or things that are in front of someone: "Aaron had to carefully weave the car through the traffic at the scene of the accident."
weave (WEEV) (noun)
A style or pattern of fabric that is made on a loom: "The weavers created a unique weave using the soft cotton fibers."
we've (WEEV) (pronoun-verb)
A contraction of we have: "We've seen this movie two times already."

We've been in the outdoor museum today to watch the staff weave cloth from yarn.