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ways, weighs
ways (WAYZ) (noun)
1. A distance: "Jeremy and Randy are still a long ways from their holiday resort."
2. Often used figuratively to indicate a distance or direction: "Wanda and Bonnie still have a long ways to go to complete their task; in other words, they still have a lot of work to do."
weighs (WAYZ) (verb)
To determine how heavy someone or something is or to measure the weight of someone or something: "Before selling the apples Jill weighs them to see how much they weigh."

How many ways can Tracy tell Greg that he weighs too much?

(Latin: to speak; utterance, expression, manifestation; expressed in a number of ways)
(One of the body's busiest passage ways and essential to a person's well being)
(someone who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street)
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all ways (AWL wayz)
1. All the ways possible; in every way: "She investigated all the ways possible to find her missing sister."
2. The whole way; the entire distance, from start to finish: "He ran all the way home by himself."
all ways, always
all ways (AWL wayz) (noun)
1. Every existing possibility, every method: Angela Brown investigated all ways that were possible to find her missing sister.
2. The entire distance, from start to finish: All ways will be checked by the school staff to see what they need to do to for the poor child.
3. Every method, all possible techniques: The teachers tried in all ways to interest Mary in studying.
always (AWL wiz, AWL wayz) (adverb)
1. Every time, on every occasion, regularly, consistently: The office staff always start working at eight o'clock in the morning; however, their supervisor is always late.
2. Eternally, forever, perpetually: Abelard vowed that he would always love Heloise.
3. At any time; in any event: Jacob was told by the counselor that he could always get another job if he wanted to.

Even though Kimberly believed that she could always get a new job, she found out that she had to explore all ways of getting new employment; including advertising and talking with friends, before she could get the job that she really wanted.

family way (s) (noun), family ways (pl)
A condition in which a woman is pregnant: Anna's brother told her that his wife is in a family way.
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(Herodotus extended his historical coverage beyond the Greek world to the lives, ways, and beliefs of the people with whom the Greeks and the Persians came into contact)
(examples of how words can be applied in abnormal ways)
(insects that live in colonies which, in some ways, resemble human cities are ants, bees, wasps, hornets, and termites)