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way, weigh, whey
way (WAY) (noun)
1. How someone or something does something, or behaves, appears, feels, etc.: "The editor told the reporter that this is the way you should write it."
2. The series of roads, paths, etc., that can be used to go from one place to another: "What is the shortest way to the grocery store?"
weigh (WAY) (verb)
To find how heavy someone or something is by measuring the weight of anyone or anything: "Sylvia wants to weigh herself every week because she wants to see if she is losing or gaining weight."
whey (HWAY, WAY) (noun)
The watery part of milk that forms after the milk becomes thick and sour: "During the process of making cheese the curd must be separated from the whey."

Lois asked the clerk to weigh the pail of whey quickly so she can be on her way home.

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(Greek: way, a going, a traveling; road, path)
(Latin: measure; suitable; size, limit, way, method; rhythm, harmony)
(Latin: way, road, path)
(geography includes mapmakers, scientists, explorers of the earth and provides a way to look at both the physical world and the people who live in various parts this globe)
(Latin punctus "a point" or "a mark"; the standardized non-alphabetical symbols or marks that are used to organize writing into clauses, phrases, and sentences, and in this way to clarify meanings)
(the first Latin words to find their way into the English language owe their adoption to the early contact between the Roman and the Germanic tribes on the European continent and Greek came with Latin and French while others were borrowed directly; especially, in the fields of science and technology)
(leeches are bleeding their way back into the good graces of modern medical treatment as healers just as they did in ancient societies)
(over the past century, knowledge of the way the universe works [science] has grown significantly, and with it the ability to apply that knowledge to everyday problems [technology] has changed the way people live)
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laugh all the way to the bank (informal saying or idiom), laughs all the way to the bank; laughed all the way to the bank; laughing all the way to the bank
Having made a lot of money; especially, when doing something that other people consider to be foolish: There were those who thought Celeste's investment in the company was stupid, but now she's laughing all the way to the bank.
Milky Way
1. The faint band of luminescence crossing the whole celestial sphere, and made up of stars lying in the central plane of our galaxy.
2. A faint band of light crossing the night sky, consisting of stars in the plane of our galaxy.

The Milky Way passes through the constellations of Cassiopeia, Perseus, Auriga, Orion, Canis Major, Puppis, Vela, Carina, Crux, Centaurus, Norma, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Scutum, Aquila, and Cygnus.

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The Better Way by Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959)
I'd rather see a sermon

Than hear one any day;

I'd rather one should walk with me

Than merely show the way.

The eye's a better pupil,

And more willing than the ear;

Fine counsel is confusing,

But example's always clear.

The best of all the preachers

Are the men who live their creeds,

For to see good put in action,

Is what everybody needs.

I can soon learn how you do it,

If you let me see it done;

I can watch your hands in action,

But your tongue too fast may run.

And the lectures you deliver

May be very wise and true;

But I'd rather get my lesson,

By observing what you do,

For I may misunderstand you,

And the high advice you give,

But there's no misunderstanding

How you act and how you live.

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