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(waxing, waning and phases of the moon)
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wax (verb), waxes; waxed; waxing
1. To appear to become larger or fuller: The moon waxes and then it wanes.
2. To become larger by increasing in amount, size, etc.: The people's interest in the economic news seems to wax and to wane, depending on what the other news is.
3. To talk or to write about something in a way that shows that a person is experiencing a mood or a feeling: In his presentation, Harry waxed about his bad health problems.
4. To put a thin layer of an oil based substance on a surface to protect or to polish: Mike's boys were waxing the family car today.

Beverly was warned to be careful because the floor was waxed just a short time ago.

5. To remove hair from a part of the body by smoothing on a warm oil based substance; allowing the substance to harden and then removing it: Helena waxes her legs on a regular basis to keep them hairless and smooth.
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