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waste (verb), wastes; wasted; wasting
1. To use, to consume, or to expend thoughtlessly or carelessly: Roberta's mother was always cautioning her not to waste food, reminding her daughter about hungry children in other parts of the world.
2. To cause someone to lose energy, strength, or vigor; to exhaust, tire, or enfeeble: The disease that Jim had significantly wasted his body to a deplorable condition.
3. To fail to take advantage of or to use for profit; to lose: It would be a shame to waste an opportunity to go to the Canadian islands for the holidays.
4. Slang: To kill, murder or to destroy completely: The gang leader, Dudley, threatened to waste the other gang if they did not stop stealing cars in his neighborhood.
5. Etymology: from Latin vastare, "to lay waste" from vastus, "empty, desolate, waste" then "devastate, ravage, ruin", from Anglo-French and Old Norse French waster, "to spoil, to ruin" (Old French guaster), altered by the influence of Frankish wostjan.
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(a quality that's never wasted except when given to oneself)