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(Greek > Latin: bath, bathing; wash, washing)
(Latin: wash, washing; bathe, bathing; by extension, clean, cleaning)
(Latin: wash, clean; washing of water against the shore; a flood)
(Greek: wash, a washing; washtub, basin; by extension, irrigate, irrigation)
(Latin: abluere, to wash away)
(Greek: to wash; washing)
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alluvial plain (s) (noun), wash plain, waste plain; alluvial plains, wash plains, waste plains (pl)
A tract of gently sloping land by a river that periodically overflows depositing clay, silt, or gravel which has been brought downstream where the water slows down: Mike and his family decided to pitch their tents on the alluvial plain near the river because it was flat and sandy.

The waste plains look desolate and barren; however, they may be rich in minerals that have been washed down by the river creating an alluvial plain.

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Wash your hands of the matter (Matthew 27:24)
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