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wary, weary
wary (WAIR ee) (adjective)
Not having or showing complete trust in someone or something that could be dangerous or which could cause trouble: "People should be wary of putting their money into questionable stocks."
weary (WIR ee) (adjective)
1. Lacking, strength, energy, or freshness because of a need for rest or sleep; being very tired: "The garbage collectors were weary after working their shift."
2. Bored or annoyed by something because someone has seen it, heard it, done it, etc., many times or for a long time: "Norma was weary from months of washing dishes in the restaurant kitchen."

Kim is wary of the vote that might take place at the meeting tonight. The committee members seem to be weary of the endless negotiations so they might vote to go on strike.

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(Latin: wary, careful, heedful; be on one's guard, to take heed; from cavere, to look out, to beware)
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wary (adjective), warier, wariest
1. Characterized by caution regarding possible dangers or problems: People who have been mistreated usually remain very wary of others.
2. A reference to the precaution of deceptions, tricks, and other dangers or situations that could cause damages or losses: The bank was very sceptical or wary of giving Tim the credit he wanted because he didn’t have a job, an income, or any kind of securities.
3. Etymology: from Latin vereri, "to view with fear or awe" and from vert, "to look, to notice."
Pertaining to being careful and cautious.
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