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ware, wear, were, where
ware (WAIR) (noun)
Things which are made from a particular material or that are designed for a particular use; usually used in combination with a word to indicate the kind of material: "Keith can find the glassware in the cupboard in the kitchen."
wear (WAIR) (verb)
1. To use or to have something; such as, clothing, to have a shirt, pants, etc. over a part of one's body: "Lillian, will you wear your new shoes to school tomorrow?"
2. The act of using something as clothing: "These shoes are very good to wear everyday or as often as Carol wants to."
3. Damage that is caused by use: "Since so many people are walking on the old rug in the hallway, it is obvious that it will wear out and should be replaced soon."
were (WUR) (verb)
Past tense, plural, and second person singular of the verb to be: "We were all ready to go when Grandma called up ."
where (HWAIR, WAIR) (adverb)
1. Referring to a particular place that something is located in: "Sherry doesn't know where the car keys are."
2. Used for asking about or referring to a situation or a point in a process, discussion, story, etc.: "The police officer asked, Sam, where did you come from and where are you going?"

Paula's friends were all ready to go but she couldn’t decide what to wear to the glassware party and then she realized that she doesn't know where it is.