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want, want, wont, won’t
want (WAHNT, WAWNT) (verb)
1. To desire or wish for something: "Marie, do you want more tea?"
2. To need something: "Terry will want to give his table another coat of paint tomorrow."
want (WAHNT, WAWNT) (noun)
The state or condition of not having any or enough of something: "Poor Grace has been suffering from want of proper sleep for some days."
wont (WAWT, WOHNT, WUHNT) (noun)
1. Likely to do something, having a tendency to do something: "Phyllis nibbled her fingers nails as she was wont to do, or as she often does, when she is nervous."
2. A habit or way of behaving: "Bill had some beer at the pub after work, as is his wont to do every evening."
won't (WOHNT) (verb)
Contraction of the phrase will not: "Sherry won't invite Jim to the party because she doesn't like him."

Eric decided that he won't invite his cousin to the party even though he knows that she will want to come because it is her wont to insist on singing even though she performs very loudly and out of tune.