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wane, wax, wax
wane (WAYN) (verb)
1. With reference to the moon, to appear to become thinner or less full: "Every month the moon will wane and then wax and then wane again, etc."
2. To become smaller or less, to decrease in size, amount, length or quality: "Tiffany's interest in buying the fancy shoes might wane when she hears how expensive they are."
wax (WAKS) (verb)
1. When referring to the moon, to appear to become larger or more full: "During the next two weeks the moon will wax and then everyone can see more of it."
2. To become larger or more, to increase in amount, size, etc.: "Albert's interest in the novel seems to wax depending on the amount of suspense there is."
3. To talk or write about something in a way that shows that you are experiencing a specified mood or feeling: "Whenever Gerald asks Cindy about her holiday, she will wax nostalgic for quite awhile about her trip to Europe."
4. To apply a protective substance to a surface: "Joe decided to wax his car even on a sunny day."
wax (WAKS) (noun)
A hard substance that becomes soft when it is heated and which is used to make various products; such as, candles, crayons, or polish: "Peggy and Carl used wax to make a variety of candles which they like to use to light their table during evening meals."

Paul's interest in the new wax museum will rapidly wane if this tour doesn't get started soon. There was a time when Wanda could wax enthusiastic, but now she seems to be getting jaded or weary and bored.

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wane (WAYN) (verb), wanes; waned; WA
1. To lose size by gradually becoming smaller: The moon wanes as it shows a smaller illuminated region when it proceeds from a full to a new moon.
2. To decline in power, influence, or importance: People's interest of using oil for heating homes waned when the price of gas became much less expensive.
3. To decrease in strength or intensity: Jane had shown a great interest in gardening, but after realizing how much physical work was involved, her enthusiasm and energy level significantly waned.
4. To draw to a close: After a wonderful day at the beach waned, the family gathered up their belongings and slowly walked back to their car so they could get back home in time for dinner.
To become less or to decrease in size or intensity.
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