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wait (WAYT) (verb)
1. To stay in a place until an expected event happens, until someone arrives, until it is your turn to do something, etc.: "Please wait here and Robert will be back in five minutes."
2. To serve food or drink as in a restaurant or other eating place: "The waitress will wait on your table in a few minutes."

weight (WAYT) (noun)
1. A measurement that indicates how heavy a person or thing is: "Please write down your weight in kilos and not in pounds."
2. A heavy object that is lifted during exercising: "Karl lifted up a ten pound weight with his index finger!"
3. A difficult responsibility: "Keith had hoped that he could have taken off the weight or burden from his shoulders, but he couldn't."
weight (WAYT) (verb)
To secure something by placing a heavy object on top of it: "Timothy decided to weight the stack of papers down so they wouldn't blow away."

Ron, if you want to determine the weight of your package, you will have to wait until the weighing scale is available.

Weight is what a man always loses when his wife is on a diet.

—Evan Esar