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vulnerable (adjective), more vulnerable, most vulnerable
1. A reference to being open to physical or emotional harm; easily hurt, easily wounded: Jackie was quite vulnerable and broke out in tears when friends would mention her late husband who died just a few weeks before.
2. Relating to being unable to resist illness, debility, or physical failure because of physical or psychological weakness: There are some vulnerable people to influenza because they have not been inoculated for the disease.
3. Open to censure or criticism; assailable: Hank's sister has always been vulnerable to criticism.
4. When it is possible that the military can be exposed to an attack or possible damage: While he was in the army, even though James and his fellow soldiers were in a vulnerable situation, they were able to survive an attack by enemy forces.
5. Etymology: from Late Latin vulnerabilis, "wounding"; from Latin vulnerare, "to wound"; from vulnus, vulneris, "wound".
Able to be hurt or wounded.
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Capable of being injured.
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Relating to being accessible to physical or emotional harm; or to criticism and judgement by other people. (2)