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vouch (verb), vouches; vouched; vouching
1. To assert or to confirm as a result of one's own experience, the truth or accuracy of something: Monika has lived in Marburg, Germany, for a long time and can vouch for it being very picturesque with timbered houses and a castle on top of a hill.
2. To provide supporting evidence for the quality of somebody or an item: It was no problem for Jane to vouch for her sister when she wanted to have a loan from the bank, since she had never been in debt her whole life.
3. To give personal assurances, or guarantees: Hank was willing to vouch for his friend's trustworthiness.
4. To constitute supporting evidence or to give substantiation in a legal trial: Mr. Stevenson vouched for his friend in affirming his innocence during the trial at court.
5. Etymology: from Latin vocitare, "to call to, to summon insistently"; from Latin vocare, "to call, to call upon, to summon".