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veracious, voracious
veracious (vuh RAY shuhs) (adjective)
Observant of the truth; habitually speaking the truth: "I always trusted her veracious behavior towards me."
voracious (vaw RAY shuhs, vuh RAY shuhs) (adjective)
Having or showing a tendency to consume large quantities of food, knowledge, etc.: "My son has such a voracious appetite that I have to go grocery shopping everyday!"

The student's voracious appetite for knowledge resulted in his veracious statements to the librarian about the books he borrowed.

voracious (adjective), more voracious, most voracious
1. A reference to the consumption of food, or the eagerness to eat great amounts of food; ravenous: After a hard day's work on the railroad, Tom had a voracious appetite and could hardly wait to get home to fix his evening meal.
2. Descriptive of someone who has an overwhelming desire to accomplish a goal, to participate in an activity, or is eager to learn: Shirley was such a voracious reader that she went to the library to borrow books several times a week.
Eating great amounts of food.
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Excessive eating.
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Ravenous and gluttonous eating.
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Descriptive of eating or consuming great amounts of food. (3)