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volatile (adjective), more volatile, most volatile
1. A reference to something which quickly evaporates at normal pressures and temperatures: One volatile substance is acetone, which is used in varnishes as a solvent, and it can pass off readily as a vapor; especially, when heated.
2. Descriptive of something that is capable of being readily vaporized: A volatile anesthetic is a chemical compound which can be administered by inhalation when using an anesthesia mask.
3. Relating to someone who is violent or explosive in nature: Steven was known to have a volatile and erratic temper, so he didn’t have many friends.
4. Pertaining to a condition which tends to or threaten ot to break out into open violence; explosive: There are many volatile situations in the current U.S. political administration.
5. Etymology: from Latin volatilis, "fleeting, transitory; swift, rapid; flying"; from volare, "to fly" or from volo, "I fly."
Referring to tending to being violent.
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(Greek: upper air, purer air [alcohol and sufuric acid]; in scientific terminology, "volatile, clean-smelling, euphoria-producing liquid composed of alcohol and sufuric acid")
(Greek > Latin: volatile petroleum derivative; containing, or derived from the coal-tar derivative naphthol)