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voice (s) (noun), voices (pl)
1. The sound produced by the speech or vocal organs and uttered by the mouth: Kate's baby boy suddenly woke up and started to cry, but he stopped crying as soon as he heard his mother's voice.
2. The musical tones produced in singing: Susan rather liked listening to the soprano and alto voices and thought she might join the choir after having some lessons in developing her voice for better performances.
3. The ability to produce audible words for speaking or for singing: When Harry had laryngitis, he lost his voice and could only whisper.
4. The right to express one's ideas or concerns: In a democracy, everyone can have a voice in expressing his or her feelings regarding government policies.
5. Etymology: "sound made by the human mouth", from Old French voiz, from Latin vocem, vox, "voice, word, language, sound, cry, call, sentence, speech, utterance"; related to Latin vocare "to call".