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A pleasure that comes with an abundance of words: vocabulary quotes.
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vocabulary (s) (noun), vocabularies (pl)
1. A collection or list of terms with brief explanations of their meanings: A vocabulary is a complete word stock of a language; an extensive body of verbal elements used when speaking, reading, or writing as a group, a class, or by individuals.
2. The range, or extent, of statements associated with a subject or area of activity, or used by a particular person, class, profession, etc.: One's vocabulary is considered to be a scope of expressions and an extensive range of linguistic communications.

A good way to improve one's vocabulary is to learn more about their roots or sources of where they come from.

3. The sum, or aggregate, of elements composing a language, or languages: Vocabularies consist of lists of words; usually, defined and alphabetized, as in dictionaries, specialized glossaries, etc.; all of which are used to make it possible for people to communicate better with each other.

4. Etymology: a stock of words from 1532, in the writing of Sir Tomas More; perhaps borrowed by influence of Middle French vocabulaire, which came from Medieval Latin vocabularium, "a list of words"; from Latin vocabulum, "a word, a name"; from vocare, "to name, to call".
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(a pleasure that comes with an abundance of words)
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Illustrated Vocabulary Quiz #1, Berserk

Illustrated Vocabulary Quiz #1 to challenge your vocabulary skills with words and a picture.

illustrated vocabulary words from comics
Using big words in comics.
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Thesaurus: An ancient reptile with an excellent vocabulary.
vocabulary entry (s) (noun), vocabulary entries (pl)
A word, term, or phrase entered in a dictionary and in some readily distinguishable type for purposes of definitions or identifications: Vocabulary entries are usually listed in an alphabetical series, include parts of speech, inflected forms, idioms, etc., and are sometimes placed in special sections of books.
Vocabulary Quizzes: English Words from Latin and Greek Origins
Lists of Vocabulary Self-Scoring Quzzes and Tests; another approach to learning English words.
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Vocabulary Quizzes: English Words from Latin and Greek Origins
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vocabulary word (s) (noun), vocabulary words (pl)
Words words.

A pleonasm, or redundancy, since "vocabulary" is defined as "words"; however, the two elements are now so widely used together that very few people seem to be aware of their repetitious existence.

(a variety of learning concepts for improving vocabulary skills)
(an extensive list of words with explanations that can expand and greatly improve your English vocabulary)
(enhance your English vocabulary by taking advantage of word origins)
(understanding how English words are formed and where they come from helps everyone who finds unfamiliar words)
(how some terms might be interpreted by those who lack professional vocabulary knowledge in the field of medicine)
(increase your vocabulary skills by practicing with these word challenges)
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