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livid, vivid
livid (LIV id) (adjective)
1. Very angry and hotly flushed due to emotions: During the argument, Scott's face was livid and his voice harsh.
2. Discolored by bruising: After the car accident, Fay had several livid marks on her face and arms.
vivid (VIV id) (adjective)
1. Highly colored: After a walk in the snow, Christa's cheeks were vivid and glowing.
2. Descriptive of a strong impression, usually positive: Jewell's vivid personality found favor with her new employers.
3. Regarding something which is considered to be true or clear and in detail: Cleo gave a vivid description of the dangers that people can experience if they are not careful.

Because of the livid discoloring of Nell's face as the result of the overexposure to the sun, she presented a vivid warning to others to be careful.

1. Presenting the appearance, freshness, spirit, etc., of life; realistic.
2. Strong, distinct, or clearly perceptible.
3. Forming distinct, lifelike, and striking mental images.
4. Etymology: from Latin vividus, "spirited, animated, lively", from vivus, "alive".