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vivarium (s) (noun), vivaria (pl)
1. Specifically constructed enclosures designed to simulate the natural habitat of plants or animals, intended to facilitate the observation and study of vegetation and/or creatures: Among the Latin scholars in Aaron's high school, the local zoo was referred to as the town vivarium.
2. An artificial habitat for the study of small animals, typically made of a glass or transparent material: The vivarium in Jim's classroom was made of a discarded aquarium and was used as a formicarium so the students could study the habitat and habits of ants.
3. A place in which animals are housed, particularly animals used in medical research: The antivivisectionists regularly picketed the university vivarium, protesting the use of animals in medical research.
Man has a vivarium for fish in his home.
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Here's an example of someone who is enjoying his vivariums in his home.

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vivarium (s), vivaria (pl)
A "place of life" which is often an enclosed area for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research.
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