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vitriol (s) (noun), vitriols (pl)
1. Any of certain metallic sulfates of glassy appearance: One kind of vitriol is copper sulfate, or blue vitriol.
2. An acid made from sulfur dioxide and very corrosive; mainly utilised in the chemical industry: Two examples of vitriols are ferrous sulfate or green vitriol and zinc sulfate or white vitriol.
3. Abusive or venomous language expressing fierce hate, anger, blame, or deep-seated ill will; subject to bitter verbal abuse. After years and years of living with a husband she didn’t love anymore, Jane expressed all the vitriol, resentment, and hostility that had accumulated in her for so long.
4. Etymology: from Latin vitreus "of glass, glassy", from vitrium, "glass".

Bitter or caustic feelings like the corrosive properties of vitriol.

Sarcasm that is verbally sharp or caustic.
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