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vitriolic (adjective), more vitriolic, most vitriolic
1. Characteristic of words which are harsh, caustic or scathing in tone or speaking: Henry hurled vitriolic criticism at the bad performance of his daughter's musical presentation.

Caron's acrid or vitriolic remarks about her co-workers made her many enemies.

2. A reference to a harmful substance: A concentrated and powerful vitriolic acid is capable of destroying or eating away with chemical action.

Sulfuric acid, a highly corrosive vitriolic liquid, was formerly known as "oil of vitriol" or simply "vitriol" because of the glassy appearance of its salts.

3. Etymology: from Latin vitriolum, "sulphuric acid", from vitrum "glass" from vitreus "of glass, glassy appearance."
Pertaining to being extremely sharp and bitter.
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