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vitiate (verb), vitiates; vitiated; vitiating
1. To reduce the value or impair the quality of: The deep scratch on the top of the table unfortunately vitiated the resale value.
2. To morally corrupt: The landlady was attempting to vitiate some of her tenants by serving strong liquor to them during dinner.
3. To make ineffective; to invalidate: One heartless remark by the boss vitiated all the goodwill that Bill felt about his workplace.
4. Etymology: from Latin vitiatus, past participle of vitiare, "to make faulty, injure, spoil, corrupt"; from vitium, "fault, defect, blemish, crime, vice".
To spoil, corrupt, or pollute.
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To contaminate or to pollute.
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To reduce the quality of; to spoil or to pollute by contaminating something. (2)