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vitium (s) (noun), vitia (pl)
A fault or a serious defect: Just before she broke off her engagement, Barbara wrote down all the vitia she could think of about her former boyfriend.
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Word Entries containing the term: “vitia
Aliena vitia in oculis habemus; a tergo nostra sunt.
Another's faults are before our eyes; our own [faults] are behind us.

Expressed by Seneca, in his writing titled, On Anger.

Cum omnibus pacem, adversus vitia bellum.
Peace to all but battle to the vicious.

Motto of Otto II (973-983), who was already crowned and anointed emperor in Rome in 967 during his father's reign. After having successfully repelled the attacking Danes and warding off an attempt by the West Franks to seize Lorraine, his campaign in Southern Italy for his wife's hereditary claims ended in defeat. After a splendid assembly at Verona, he suddenly died at the age of 28 and is buried in St. Peter's, in Rome.