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vitazyme (s) (noun), vitazymes (pl)
1. A liquid concentrate microbially synthesized from plant materials, and then stabilized for long life: Vitazymes are powerful but natural biostimulants contained in the material which greatly benefits plant growth and soil conditions to boost growth and profits for the grower.
2. An all-natural liquid “biostimulant” for soil organisms and plants that contains twelve biological activators, which are by-products of a proprietary fermentation process: These vitazymes are active agents that include vitamins, enzymes, and other powerful but gentle growth stimulators such as B-vitamins, triacontanol, glycosides, and porphyrins.
3. A dry microbial and enzymic formula: The vitazyme is effective in reducing sludge, ammonia nitrites and other undesirable organic pollutants, such as from waterfowl and fish feces, which have contaminated the water system continuously.

These vitazymes strains decrease H2S and other obnoxious gasses, and increase oxygen content and are applied to lagoons, lakes, rivers and estuaries, and polluted aquaculture, or fish and shrimp farms.

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