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vital (adjective), more vital, most vital
1. Relating to, or characteristic of life: Vital process take place in the body, like the vital red fluid that flows in the veins and arteries. .
2. Referring to essentials in life; of utmost importance; necessary to maintain life: Certain vital processes, as , breathing, eating, and drinking, are just a few of the things that are vital functions of life.
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(Animal health and dung beetle health: they are both vital)
(thinking that you can be successful in achieving an objective is a vital mental condition, but thinking that you can not do it is almost a guarantee that you will not be successful as indicated by Walter Wintle)
(Latin: strength, force, vigor; vital force; energy)
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vital statistics
1. Quantitative data relating to certain aspects and conditions of human life; especially, in relation to large population groups.
2. A record of births, marriages, and deaths.
4. With reference to a woman; measurements around the bosom, the waist, and the hips.
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