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visionary (s) (noun), visionaries (pl)
1. Produced by, resulting from, or originating in the imagination: Eve is a visionary who thinks that women are treated as equals to men.
2. Someone who has clear concepts as to what should happen or be done in the future: The politician is a visionary who is convinced that economic problems can be solved if labor unions and commercial companies cooperate and work with each other.
3. A person who has a religious or spiritual experience in which he or she sees a holy person who is not living or a holy event which cannot be explained scientifically: Adam's mother is known as a visionary by those who have gone to her for spiritual guidance.
Someone who has impractical ideas or schemes, a dreamer.
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Someone who tends to be dreamy or to have impractical schemes and ideas; a person who has clear ideas as to what should happen or be done in the future. (1)