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1. Possible to see, capable of being seen by, or perceptible to, the eyes: "The stars are visible tonight."
2. Frequently seen in the public; noticeable, conspicuous.
3. On hand; available: "We have a visible supply of books for our research."
4. Constructed or designed to keep information or an item in view or able to be readily brought to sight.
5. Represented visually, as with symbols.
6. Etymology: from Old French visible, from Latin visibilis, "that which may be seen"; from visus, past participle of videre, "to see".
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(Greek: visible, clear, clearly seen; obvious)
(Greek: manifest; show, appear, make appear, make visible, display; visible; to show through, to shine through; illustrious)
(Greek: mirror; visible in [a thing]; seen in [something])
(Latin: to rise, arising, to be born, source, original; the rising sun, east; to ascend, to spring up, to become visible, to appear)
(Latin: to come forth, to be visible, to come in sight)
(Greek: to show; to make visible, to manifest, to open)
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visible absorption spectrophotometry (s) (noun), visible absorption spectrophotometries (pl)
The photometric measurement of the wavelengths of observable radiation taken in by a sample and which correspond to electron transitions from the ground state to an excited state: Professor Jess Monroe developed a new visible absorption spectrophotometry device that enhanced the scientific studies in his university classes.

In the teacher's advanced physics program, his students studied the visible absorptions spectrophotometries of light energy.

visible spectrum
A spectrum having wavelengths in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum (a continuous distribution of colored light produced when a beam of white light is dispersed into its components; such as, by a prism).
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visible with your own eyes *
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