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vicious, viscose, viscous
vicious (VISH uhs) (adjective)
Disposed to or characterized by violent or destructive behavior: "The mean dog showed vicious behavior towards the mailman when he tried to deliver the mail."
viscose (VIS kohs) (noun)
The thick organic liquid cellulose used in the making of rayon and cellophane: "Her dress was made of 100 percent viscose fabric for a lighter and cooler feeling."
viscous (VIS kuhs) (adjective)
Having relatively high resistance to flowing or a thick, gummy liquid which is hard to pour: "Examples of viscous liquids include molasses, honey, oil, and syrup."

When the vicious boy tried to pour the viscous honey on his sister's new viscose dress, she was able to hit the jar and the sticky contents ended up on him instead.

1. A thick, golden-brown viscous solution of cellulose xanthate, used in the manufacture of rayon and cellophane.
2. A viscous solution prepared by treating cellulose with caustic soda and carbon bisulfide; used in manufacturing regenerated cellulose fibers, sheets, or tubes, as rayon or cellophane.
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