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Sapientia, virtus, amicitia.
Knowledge, virtue, friendship.

Motto of Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, USA.

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Veritas et virtus.
Truth and virtue.

Motto of Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi, USA.

Virtus ariete fortior.
Virtue is stronger than a battering ram.

Virtus, "virtue", here may also be interpreted as "valor" or "heroism".

Virtus in actione consistit.
Valor lies in action.

Action, not merely with words. How about "Action speaks louder than words"?

Virtus incendit vires.
Manhood rouses one's strength.
Virtus junxit mors non separabit.
Strength has joined [us] and death will not separate [us].
Virtus Unita Fortior.
Strength united is stronger.

The motto on the national and civil flag of the principality of Andorra, an independent republic in the Pyrenees mountains, located between France and Spain. It is one of the world's oldest states.

Virtus vincit invidiam.
Virtue overcomes envy.