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violent (adjective)
1. Using physical force to injure someone or to damage something; as, a violent crime.
2. Showing emotional intensity or strong feeling: "He had violent objections to the proposal."
3. Showing extreme, destructive, or uncontrollable force; such as, a violent thunderstorm.
4. Very intense or severe: "She had a violent headache."
5. Caused by force rather than by natural causes: "She met a violent death."
This entry is located in the following units: -ent (page 10) -olent, -ulent (page 3) violat-, viol- + (page 2)
(Greek: disease in which the bodily humors [biles] are subject to violent discharge; characterized by severe vomiting and diarrhea)
(Greek: a suffix; a violent attack, a seizing)
(Greek > Latin > French: excitement or violent action in an organ or part)