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1. The use of physical force to injure someone or to damage something; threats of violence.
2. Extreme, destructive, or uncontrollable force; especially, of natural events; such as, the violence of the storm.
3. Intensity of feeling or expression.
4. The illegal use of unjustified force; the illegal use of unjustified force, or the intimidating effect created by the threat of such force.
5. To violate, to harm, or to damage something.
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(Greek: wanton violence, riotousness, insolence; outrage; arrogance)
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sins of physical violence (s) (noun), sins of physical violences (pl)
There have been, and currently are, many reports of murders by stabbings and shootings of people, or other methods, in many places of the world: The sins of physical violences are happening with no justifications, or no logical reasons, and surely the villains will be punished while alive, if apprehended by the police, and after their deaths by God.
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