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vindictivolence (s) (noun), vindictivolences (pl)
1. A reprisal or retaliation against someone who is considered to have done a harmful thing to another person: Maxine was considering a vindictivolence, or repayment, for a neighbor who threw rocks onto her lawn; however, her religious beliefs made her reconsider any such action and so she gathered the stones and put them in a corner of her backyard.
2. Etymology: from Latin vindicta, "avenge, vengeance (punishment inflicted)" + volent, "wishing".

Although the following cartoon is about an adjective vindictive, it also illustrates the meaning of the noun vindictivolence!

Unforgiving, spiteful, bitter, and revengeful.
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A retaliation or revenge against someone who is considered to have done something harmful to the revenger. (1)