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vindication, vindictive
vindication (vin" di KAY shuhn) (noun)
The condition which shows that someone should not be blamed for a crime, mistake, etc.: "It was proven that she had nothing to do with the crime so her vindication was completely accepted."
vindictive (vin DIK tiv) (adjective)
Having or showing a desire to harm someone who has injured or caused problems for another person: "Shirley became very vindictive and aggressive towards her husband after their divorce."

The brother had a vindictive temper which seemed a vindication for his decision to terminate his contract as a mediator for labor disputes.

vindictive (adjective), more vindictive, most vindictive
1. A reference to doing something with a desire for vengeance: Driving his car over the newly planted garden next door was really the most vindictive thing Sam could do in response to his neighbor's criticism about making so much noise last night.
The cook is going to get revenge with a pie in the face of a customer who criticized the chef.
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Minister of church is about to deliver an unforgiving sermon about satan.
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2. Relating to showing or doing something with a desire to hurt another person: The more angry Rose became, the more vindictive she was in terms of planning her revenge for the insults that her co-worker made about her incompetence.
Former girlfriend retaliates against boyfriend who marries a different woman.
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Revengeful in spirit.
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3. In law, used to describe damages awarded by a court that are set higher than the amount necessary to compensate the victim, in order to punish the defendant: The judge exercised a vindictive judgment in ordering the accused to pay the court costs of the trial as a lesson not to attempt to exploit the legal system again.
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1. Referring to someone who is looking for revenge.
2. Done with a desire for revenge.
Referring to the desire for revenge or wanting to hurt someone. (4)