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vindication (s) (noun), vindications (pl)
1. The act of defending against being blamed for or suspicion of doing something wrong: The vindication of the doctor for his unusual medical treatment was supported by the patient's miraculous recovery.
2. An action or circumstance which is proven to be reasonable or justified: Karl's decision to complete his computer programming at the university was a vindication that prepared him for his successful technical career.
vindication, vindictive
vindication (vin" di KAY shuhn) (noun)
The condition which shows that someone should not be blamed for a crime, mistake, etc.: "It was proven that she had nothing to do with the crime so her vindication was completely accepted."
vindictive (vin DIK tiv) (adjective)
Having or showing a desire to harm someone who has injured or caused problems for another person: "Shirley became very vindictive and aggressive towards her husband after their divorce."

The brother had a vindictive temper which seemed a vindication for his decision to terminate his contract as a mediator for labor disputes.