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1. To conquer: "There are plants that use vince in their botanical terminologies; such as, Vince-toxicum and Vincetoxicum nigrum (Black Swallow-wort, a species in the milkweed family)."
2. Etymology: from vince, Latin, vinco, vincere, "to conquer, to win".

The element toxicum in vincetoxicum comes from Latin, meaning "poison".

—Compiled from information located in
A Source-Book of Biological Names and Terms by Edmund C. Jaeger, D.Sc.;
Third Edition; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher; Springfield, Illinois; 1966; pages 281 & 305.

Vincetoxicum or Black Swallow-wort
The part of the picture that is showing the yellow seed pods
is an example of the Vincetoxicum nigrum or Black Swallow-wort.
The white flowers are not related to this Vincetoxicum nigrum plant.

—Photo is used with the permission of Justyn Wolf
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In bono vince.
Conquer by good.

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